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What's happening down on the farm July/August 2018


July is a month where us farmers are watching our hard work come to fruition, we have cared and nurtured our crops over the last 10 months and have had some learning’s this year but then we have had great successes as well. We are finding it very satisfying seeing our produce being enjoyed so much and seeing wonderful food being created out of it.

While walking down the rows you may notice that the crops are being irrigated. This year is one of the hottest we have ever had to contend with and we are very lucky to have the use of a borehole which takes the water out of the ground to water the crops. Without this supply of water most of our crops would have become too dry and died.

Strawberries – These have all come at once this year, the main season (outdoor) crop is very nearly over and we will shortly be picking back in the Bridge Field which should see us through until the middle of September. There may be a few breaks in between so please do keep a look out on twitter and facebook for the most up to date info on PYO. This is also the same with the ready picked strawberries, although we are very lucky to have farmer friends who can help us out with supply when ours occasionally run out.

Gooseberries – these are at their peak and generally have been a good crop this year. Make on while you can with these as they will only have until the third/fourth week in July before they will have finished.

Broad beans and Pulling peas are now ready. We should have these throughout the summer months.

Raspberries – These are in full flow and should see us through until late July, after that we are waiting for the Mid August crop to ripen which we will keep on for PYO until the end of September.

We are also very excited this year to have a great crop of Blackcurrants which are ready now and Redcurrants which should be ready in about ten days and should see us right the way through until the end of July, they are looking absolutely wonderful.

You will also see that the Well Field (next to the car park) and part of the Dexta Field have now been planted up with our Pumpkins ready for the PYO Halloween season starting beginning of October. Again please visit for all the up to date info you need as to what is happening with all our crops.

We are now going to plant the purple sprouting broccoli.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this news letter

From the Farm Team


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