• Photo of the fields at The Ballon Tree
    This parcel of land has successfully grown soft fruit & veg for 20 years
  • Photo of the farmshop
    The Balloon Tree Farmshop - home of 'superfresh' - open 7 days a week
  • The Cafe serves homemade seasonal meals
    The cafe serves homemade seasonal dishes - relax in the cafe garden

    The Balloon Tree Story

    We are a family run, high quality food retailer. The Machin family has seen the site grow, from the original wooden hut with a table on the side of the road, to the fully fledged farm shop that opened in April 2004. The Balloon Tree takes its name from an ancient horse chestnut tree that stood at the Buttercrambe turning, down the road. We have enjoyed a successful run of awards to date, thanks to a great team and amazing customers! 

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    Photo of Gate Helmsley Strawberries caravan over 20 years ago

    Photo of the horse chestnut tree that The Balloon Tree takes its name from

    The parcel of land at the Balloon Tree has successfully grown soft fruit and vegetables in summer for the last 20 years. We have 40 years of agricultural experience across our team and we set ourselves apart from other retailers. We are very lucky to have light sandy soil which gives a unique flavour to our homegrown produce. 

    Our motto ‘Fewer Food Miles – More Farm Yards’ encompasses everything we stand for. We do our best to ensure all our produce is top quality and as fresh as possible. Our homegrown produce is ‘superfresh’ as it comes straight from the field onto the shelves in the shop or onto your plate in the cafe within minutes or hours, and everything else we try to source locally.

    Our aim is to provide seasonal changes to our cafe menu, making the most of our homegrown produce. Our kitchen uses ingredients from the farm to produce the meals for the cafe as well as products for the shop; homemade ready meals, soups and lots more on the deli. Our in-house bakery produces all the goodies on the sweet trolley in the cafe as well as for the shop.

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