Signs for the Balloon Tree outside our premises

About us

The Balloon Tree is a local community business which has been serving its visitors since 2004. We have grown several times over the years and are still developing. The Balloon Tree itself sits on 28 acres of thriving farm land which we utilise for both our Pick Your Own fruit season and feeding the Farm Shop with top quality produce.

We of course cannot go into every detail about what we are as a business or where we plan on going – should you need any additional information that you cannot find on our site do drop us an email to

Ariel view of the Balloon Tree


As a rural countryside business, our impact on the environment is something we are monitoring and constantly trying to improve upon.

We have always tried to keep waste to a minimum but as I am sure you can appreciate, when you are stocking fresh produce there will inevitably be some bad apples. Waste fruit and vegetables from the Farm Shop are collected and then distributed onto the farmland to aid in naturally fertilising our soil. The same is for our waste coffee grinds from the café, the acidity helps equalise the lands natural pH levels.

When it comes to packaging we use as little plastic as possible apart from where it is completely unavoidable. As soon as an alternative becomes available we will move towards it. The take away containers, cups, cutlery and bags we use in our shop are either recyclable or made of Vegware so it can easily degrade over a short period of time rather than decades.

As you pull into our site you may notice an array of solar panels in our “Bridge Field” these were added in 2019 as an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and make the energy we use more renewable. These panels contribute to powering nearly 30% of our business across the year and in the summer months we even end up feeding power back into the national grid.