Our fresh produce department is the first thing that greets you as you walk into the front of the Farm shop…

Our fruit and veg is displayed in chilled units which follow a U-shaped path so you have every opportunity to find your weekly favourites and even discover something new.

An overhead shot of different varieties of apples and pears
A customer shopping in front of oranges with a basket
Selection of vegetables

What we offer follows the natural seasonality of the produce…

With the seasonality of the fruit and vegetables being what it is, no two visits to the fresh produce department will be the same. A business such as ours which thrives on the freshness and highest quality of its products, the stock in this department is forever changing.

Where we can, we source as locally as possible. We have a dedicated team who shop around for the best quality and bring our customers the best price possible. We have certain constants in our supply chain such as our potato, carrot, salad and herb suppliers which keep us topped up all year round.

At the very front of our store we have a section which showcases the freshest in season stock. Through certain times of the year this is where you will find our home grown asparagus as well as our famous strawberries and raspberries, which are harvested daily.