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    We take pride in the quality of our homegrown superfresh produce

    The Balloon Tree Farm

    The parcel of land at the Balloon Tree has successfully grown soft fruit and vegetables in summer for the last 20 years.  We are lucky to have light sandy soil which gives a unique flavour to our home-grown produce. We are a true and market led farm shop because we grow and produce the majority of our products ourselves.  We grow around 30 different types of fruit and vegetables, with 150 varieties on 80 acres.

    We have a wealth of agricultural experience across our team and we set ourselves apart from other retailers by selling “superfresh” fruit and vegetables.  Customers know that what they buy has been picked a few yards away – a lot even choose to harvest it themselves!  Pick your own is just as popular today, if not, more than ever.

    Photo of curly kale growing at The Balloon Tree Photo of Digby Machin with tractor
    Photo of Bridge field and strawberries at The Balloon Tree Photo of field names at The Balloon Tree
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