Cranberry Flapjack

Mixed Oats in golden syrup, laced with dried cranberries for a burst of fresh sweetness. Pack of 3.

Malteser Biscuit Cake

A popular one at The Balloon Tree, and always one to please the crowds. Pack of 6

Rocky Road

A classic blend of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit all rolled into one. Pack of 6.

Aunty Wendy’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake

One of The Balloon Tree's oldest recipes and one that hasn't changed across the years. A balanced flavour of chocolate, crushed biscuits with a hint of rich coffee flavour pairs perfectly with a hot cup of tea. Pack of 6.

Double Chocolate Brownie

Homemade double chocolate brownie - and good news, its Gluten Free. Pack of 4

Homemade Fruit Scone

A coveted Balloon Tree recipe combines sultanas with high quality ingredients to give you our typically British scone.

Homemade Cheese & Chive Scone

A mixture of mature and mild cheddar with chives makes a savoury equivalent for those not looking for the sweetness of a traditional scone

Traditional Butterfly Buns

One of The Balloon Tree Bakery's highest selling products, these dairy free, chocolate or vanilla buns are a great grab an go option. Pack of 4

Strawberry Roulade
From £8.99 to £19.50

A quintessential Balloon Tree staple and fan favourite - The Strawberry Roulade. Made using freshly whipped cream and fresh Yorkshire strawberries, this is the peak of indulgence.

Crispie Buns

Generally a hit with the younger audience (but no age limit required) our crispie buns are a non stop seller in The Farm Shop and a lighter sponge alternative for those who may be a little bit too full for cake. Pack of 4

Raspberry Jam Jar Trifle

Raspberry Jelly. Home Grown Raspberries. A layer of custard, topped with cream - lovely.

Raspberry & Almond Congress Tarts

A shortcrust pastry case topped with homemade raspberries and an almond paste, baked in the over to deliver these snack size treats.  Pack of 4

Meringue Nests

To give that more individual touch than a slice of Pavlova, these homemade meringue nests can either be smashed up for Eton mess or topped with cream and strawberries for a perfect gluten free dessert. Pack of 2

Yorkshire Tea Loaf

Our standard Crispie Buns little brother - for the person who wants to pop one in whilst no ones looking.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

To pair with a nice cup of tea, this lemon drizzle loaf of course uses freshly squeezed lemon juice and topped with granulated sugar whilst still warm to give that complete tea time treat.