Christmas Tree

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Our Christmas Trees are locally and sustainably grown by our long term supplier in the heart of North Yorkshire. Both varieties are bred as minimum drop trees to save on the cleaning and retain their needles as long as possible - ensuring you keep them hydrated and away from radiators.

We offer two different types of tree. Nordmann Fir & Fraser Fir.

Nordmann Firs are your stereotypical big, bushy Christmas tree with dark green needles. Perfect for filling spaces such as bay windows and making impressive Christmas displays.

Fraser Firs are a thinner more slender tree, with silvery shorter needles. These more compact trees are better suited to homes who are shorter on space and wanting to fit a tree neatly in a corner.

Sizes Available:

Nordmann Fir: 4 ft to 10 ft

Fraser Fir: 5 ft to 9 ft

All trees will be available for collection 9 am to 5:00 pm from Saturday the 25th of November.

Maximum Delivery Distance 15 Miles

Please state the desired delivery address (including safe place for tree to be left if you are not in). Tree deliveries will be made on the 1st, 8th, and 15th of December.

We have large round supported Cinco Christmas Tree stands with 3 adjustable pins to ensure stability.