Turkey Butterfly

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At The Balloon Tree Farm Shop & Cafe, we're delighted to present Taste Tradition's Turkey Butterflies. These culinary gems are the secret to a Christmas feast that transcends expectations.

Our dedication to providing you with only the best has led us to Taste Tradition, our long-standing and trusted supplier known for their commitment to excellence. These Turkey Butterflies are a testament to their unwavering quality.

We believe in doing things right, which is why these Turkey Butterflies are Red Tractor assured. This prestigious certification reflects the highest welfare standards, ensuring that the turkeys live healthy and content lives before becoming part of your Christmas celebration.

The Turkey Butterflies are expertly prepared to guarantee tenderness and exquisite flavour. They're a canvas for your culinary creativity, ready to be roasted and prepared in your favourite festive recipe.

As with all natural creatures, the weight of these turkey butterflies may vary slightly. However, what remains unwavering is the exceptional quality and dedication to their well-being.

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