• Coronavirus Update - Farmshop now open

    Coronavirus update

    Update 2.6.20

    Farmshop Re-Open

    The farmshop is open to the public. We have put strict health & safety protocols in place to ensure the well-being of both our customers and staff. These will include but not be limited to:

    • Queuing 2 Meters apart before entry
    • Sanitising your hands upon entry
    • Limit the number of customers in the shop at any one time
    • Only trolleys can be used in the farmshop to maintain distancing between customers and staff (trolleys will be sanitised after each use)
    • One person per family/group in the shop at anyone time
    • Taped areas on the floor to show required distances
    • The use of cards rather than cash where possible - Contactless limit now £45

    To limit the number of customers who need to leave their homes, we ask you try and do a full shop in one go, rather than little and often. This will help us with social distancing. 

    We made the decision to reopen due to our growing concern that with the influx of orders which we were receiving, we were not able to fulfil them all within a desired time frame for customers. There are many in our industry who are still successfully operating and even diversifying their methods to best serve customers. This is also our intention. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers who have supported us through this difficult time, we have been overwhelmed with the kind comments about our service, and we endeavour to continue to supply and serve you the best we can. 

    The Farmshop is open 7 days a week Monday - Sunday (10am to 5pm).


    PYO update 

    The PYO site is due to open 8th June 2020, but it will be a slightly different way of doing it in order to keep social distancing. The PYO site will still allow customers to pick all fruits and vegetables that we grow, but we are introducing a ticket system where by you need to pre-book a timeslot before you arrive. The cost of the ticket will be redeemed against the cost of the fruit that you pick. This system will allow us to be able to control how many people are in the PYO fields at any one time meaning that we will never be overwhelmed with visitors and peoples safety is not jeopardised. Please keep checking our website and Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for updates. 

    Pre-book your tickets here for PYO

    The management team had a meeting in mid May to discuss the future of PYO 2020, we came to an agreement that it would go ahead for several reasons. Two of which are that customers have shown a great deal of interest in coming to site as long as it is safe, and secondly Farmer Will and his team have been putting a lot of effort into the crop the last few months and it would be a shame to see all that time go to waste. So we have decided to open.

    There was a unanimous decision that we would only do so if we could ensure the safety of both the visitors coming onto site, and the PYO team they may come into contact with. After discussing at length we are confident that with a strict routing system, clear concise signage and visitor management we can allow customers the joys of PYO with minimal risk to health and wellbeing. 


    We are able to take a set number of orders each day; and at the moment we are only able to provide delivery for those over 70 and those in vulnerable groups. Further to this we currently only have the infrastructure to deliver within a 5 mile radius of The Balloon Tree. Please ensure you fit these criteria before submitting an order. 

    To order please follow the link below. This will divert you to our NEW Order Form:

    The Balloon Tree Order Form 

    Orders will take approximately 72 hours to process. Our delivery days are Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The current and soonest delivery date will be listed at the top of the first screen.


    'Drive-Thru' and 'Order & Collect'

    Our drive-thru box scheme allows you to get your groceries quickly, easily and safely! 

    Just pull into the car park, follow the signs for drive thru, order with a member of our team, we'll put the desired boxes in the boot of your car, pay via card, drive a way safe and sound.

    We are now offering the opportunity to preorder your grocery boxes ahead of arrival to guarantee they are ready for collection, you can even pay before arrival meaning all we have to do is put it in the boot of your car, this limits as much interaction as possible.   

    Drive-Thru Box Scheme Order Form

    The boxes on offer at our drive through are:

    - Deli Box - £20 - (4 Sausage Rolls, Large Pork Pie, Scotch Egg, Large Quiche, Block of Cheese, Packet of Cooked Ham)

    The following boxes may be subject to regular change of contents and price due to what is best quality and cost from our suppliers, the list of contents below will be its general core. 

    - Vegetable Box - £15 - (Baking Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Parsnips, Cabbage, Salad Potatoes, Swede, Fine Beans, Kale & Leeks)
    - Fruit Box - £15 - (Bananas, Melon, Pears, Grapes, Kiwi, Satsumas, Strawberries & Plums)
    - Salad Box - £10 - (Loose Tomatoes, Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Fresh Lettuce, Cooked Beetroot, Cucumber, Celery, Bell Peppers & Cress)

    Most updates will be listed on our website, but for real time information follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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