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    We use our concept “superfresh” because the word “fresh” has been saturated for food marketing as opposed to actual product description.

    We are a true and market led farmshop because we grow the majority of our products ourselves in light sandy soil which gives a unique flavour to our homegrown produce. We grow around 30 types of fruit and vegetables, with 150 varieties. We harvest the produce from the farm fresh every morning, so we can choose varieties for their flavour and not their shelf life. This means that the produce is 'superfresh' and the most flavoursome and nutritious available.

    Customers know that what they buy has been picked a few yards away – a lot even choose to harvest it themselves!  Pick your own is just as popular today, if not, more than ever.

    We have devised a label system for the shelves in the shop to inform our customers where the product is sourced from. The labels will either have Homegrown, Homemade, Locally produced or Grown locally. The vegetables have labels with which field they have been harvested from and how far they have come from the field to the shop. You can see that most are yards away, not miles, as we grow the majority of the fruit and veg on site - you can see where our motto 'Fewer food miles - more farm yards' comes from.


    Photo of Homegrown rhubarb shelftalker Photo of Homegrown purple sprouting broccoli shelftalker
    Photo of the shelf talker labels
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