The Balloon Tree Farmshop & Café was founded in 2004 by the Machin family. It takes its name from an ancient horse chestnut tree shaped like a bunch of balloons which stood at the Buttercrambe turning around 400 yards away from our site.

An ariel image of the Balloon Tree farm
A tractor driving past a field of pumpkins with the sun rising behind it

The Machin’s have been farming soft fruit and vegetables on this site for over 35 years.

Over the years our site has operated seasonally as a Pick Your Own fruit farm and has evolved from a small wooden hut at the side of the road into The Balloon Tree as you see it today.

This land has natural light sandy soil which is perfect for growing strawberries and gives them a unique sweet flavour. This parcel of land helped in ”growing” our reputation predominantly for our strawberries. Since then, our growing methods have changed, we now focus on growing our strawberries on table tops rather than in the ground. Although not as traditional, it allows the crop to be more easily maintained, gives them more space to grow and makes them much easier to pick.

Although our “roots” and reputation are based in farming, our Farm Shop and Café have developed notoriety of their own. Each has achieved a range of awards and accolades over the years and continues to grow its offering and customer base.

The purpose of the Farm Shop is to offer its customers high quality, local produce.

Our motto “Fewer Food Miles – More Farm Yards” encompasses everything which we stand for as a business. The Farm Shop acts as a platform so local producers and suppliers can showcase what they have to offer the community and stands proud for what we have to offer the county as a whole.

The Café prides itself on using only fresh ingredients and regularly changing its offering to fit with the seasonality of the growing season. For example, our farming season explodes with strawberries in June, runs right through to homegrown pumpkins in October and ends with fresh kale in January. All of these vegetables are utilised in the kitchen & bakery to create a varied menu with delicious dishes. By pairing this with a plethora of homemade cakes and treats from the bakery, alongside our friendly and welcoming team, we create a quintessential Yorkshire dining experience.