Jersey Milk - fresh from the Farm

Fresk milk
A herd of cows
Pouring farm fresh milk

In February 2020 local dairy farmers Helen and Craig approached us about installing a fresh milk machine at The Balloon Tree. They have had huge success with a similar set up in Elvington right near their farm and wanted to develop and spread the joy of fresh jersey milk.

Housing a Jersey Milk Machine on site means our customers are getting only the freshest milk straight from the farm, this milk is not made, processed, and shipped to a bottling plant. It is harvested from the herd, gently pasteurised and then straight from the farm into our vending machine.

Greyleys Jersey milk has a rich and creamy flavour and is a natural source for protein, calcium, iodine, and vitamins. Their milk is non homogenised and a wonderful golden colour, Jersey milk tends to be higher in A2A2 milk protein, making it easier to digest.

Walking the local area around Elvington you may come across a herd of Helen and Craigs cows, they have a natural curiosity and are always eager to say hello.

We are confident once you have tried this fresh farm milk you will be back time and time again, to reduce the impact on the environment, we sell some glass jersey milk bottles available in the shop branded with Greyley’s recognisable logo.