We are a business which is very much led by the seasons, this feeds through the Farm Shop, Cafe & the Farm itself


During Spring months, a lot of the hard work and preparation is put in place for the growing season ahead. This is often where you can see the farm team planting up strawberries. Come April you will start seeing our home grown rhubarb hit the shop shelves.


Spring ending, for us, paves the way for the start of the busy season with strawberries. This is our main crop and one which we have become renowned for. From here on out the farm comes into its own with other soft fruit including raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blueberries and blackberries.

In the Café, it is always good to see the landscaped garden in good use, and the play equipment full of excited children. The chefs will have a variety of summer dishes and seasonal specials available to work your way through.

In the Farm Shop you’ll be able to find all your summer BBQ essentials and pick up a punnet of ready picked home grown strawberries.


In September and October, the farm is still very much active. Here we enter one of the busiest few weeks of the year… pumpkin season. This has grown (pun intended) year on year and shows no sign of stopping. We have added different varieties of pumpkins which present different colours, shapes and sizes to give your Halloween displays a fresh and awe-inspiring lift. We pride ourselves on keeping our pumpkin picking on the traditional side – just a wheelbarrow and some wellies!


Things slow ever so slightly on the farm during winter, many of the plants go dormant, but there is still work to be done. In winter we are harvesting our crop of Kale which gives everyone that much needed boost of vitamins ready for the festive season ahead. And what could say “luxury” more than a farm shop Christmas?

At The Balloon Tree, Christmas is a great time of year. You can get everything you need for your Christmas day at the Farm Shop, from the highest quality free range bronze turkey, to the most decadent desserts.

As well as all things Christmas Day, from the end of November, we have freshly cut and sustainably sourced Nordmann and Fraser Fir Christmas trees. We only sell high quality and minimum needle drop trees.